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SYD - Weighbridges installed at both container terminals at Sydney Port - Effective 01/07/2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi All ,


As you may be aware weighbridges have been installed at both containers terminals at Sydney Port and are currently in testing.

These weighbridges will be fully operational 1st JULY  any overweight containers will either be directed to CONTAINER FREIGHT STATIONS WITHIN THE PORT PRECINCT  for minor/and or substantial breaches to be unpacked/ load altered in front or rear or have the container removed within the terminal and not permitted to be transported for major breaches.


We have no choice but to comply with regulations that have been put in place at both terminals. Upon being weighed , if containers are overweight we will be given a ticket directing us to either a CFS or back to loading bays were we will have the container/s removed, all associated costs will be passed on should weight breaches occur.


Sydney NSW Road weights for Container weight limits are as follows.

(i)             STANDARD TRAILER 20'/40' not to exceed 26 tonne including tare of the empty container. (Therefore no more than 22T of cargo, distributed evenly throughout container).

(ii)            SIDELOADER  20/40  not to exceed 22 tonne including tare of the empty container,

(iii)           SIDELOADER 20/40 BETWEEN 22-26 TONNE including the container tare will be transported on standard trailer where side-loader will meet the truck & lift off on-site.



We must provide SIGNED CONTAINER WEIGHT DECLARATIONS to the transport company from here on in, these are to accompany the EDO's , if you know of any containers that are over these above weights where the paperwork is wrong.

We need you to rectify this. Please be aware that not all shipping lines add the tare/empty weight of the container/s on the "Bills of Lading" weights.


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