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Company Profile


Company Profile

G.S. Logistics Head Office is located in Sydney. The company is the Australian arm of Globe Success International Transportation, a long-established business that is one of the TOP 5 privately-owned freight/logistics companies in China.

The group worldwide has more than 500 staff, a Chinese Head Office in Shenzen, and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Nan Ning, Beijing and Penang, Malaysia. Freight is moved around the world, including USA, Europe, India, the Middle East, Red Sea, Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America, South East Asia and New Zealand.

In Australia, we have chosen to centralise our operations and customer service divisions in Sydney to maintain management of all cargo movements, ensuring we have total control and responsibility for all shipments. This centralisation allows us to achieve greater efficiencies of scale, helps reduce overheads and ensures we remain competitive in our industry.

We have a Toll Free number to ensure we do not disadvantage interstate and regional clients.

G.S. Logistics management has over 80 years industry experience. In addition to our own professional team, we have strategic alliances with all major service providers within our industry to ensure we have all the necessary resources available to us to handle any shipment.

We pride ourselves on being a user-friendly business, and we do not believe in expecting our clients to do tasks that we can do for them. We take responsibility for keeping our clients updated with information in relation to their shipments; we do not wait until we are asked for information.


We believe service is a given – not a bonus

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